Do HCG Injections Really Encourage Weight Loss?

According to Dr. A.T.W Simeons, human chorionic gonadotrophin- or HCG- has been associated with dramatic weight loss. Over the years, these studies have gained popularity, but there are many reputable groups such as the Mayo Clinic and the National Institute of Health that claim there is no conclusive evidence to prove the connection between the two. If you are considering using HCG to help you lose weight, you might want to check this out: drops of hcg reviews.

drops of hcg reviews

There are many claims that injections of HCG promote weight loss at a rate of one to two pounds per day- when used in conjunction to a low calorie diet. One study showed that patients injected with 125 IU of the HCG who were following a 500 calorie per day diet, lost weight in their thighs, bellies, and hips.

You probably already know, but HCG is a hormone that is produced in a woman’s body while she is pregnant. These studies of Dr. Simeons were done in 1954. The claim of his discovery is that the patients did not suffer the typical side effects that a person on a low-calorie diet only would.

You must also consider that the patients in the study were on a calorie restricted diet of only 500 calories per day when you are looking at whether or not HCG is an effective weight loss tool. The study results stated that the HCG injections didn’t seem to be any more effective than the placebos in encouraging weight loss. While many people believe they work, the experts really aren’t completely sure, as it has not been fully proven.

You must understand that using HCG to promote weight loss is very risky. According to NIH, there are some significant side effects that can come as a result of using this substance such as arterial thromboembolism, ovarian hyper stimulation, ruptures of ovarian cysts, and multiple births.

Compare hcg reviews of drops for the Best Options

When it comes to hcg drops, you want to know the best options for your weight loss plans. After all, you have probably tried other methods and come up against a wall or hit a plateau in terms of weight loss totals. You want this method to work and work well. For that reason, you don’t want to have to try different types of hcg drops.

There are two types, and those typically are more related to how much weight you are hoping to lose, rather than brand names or other factors. If you are hoping to lose more than 25 pounds, than a prescription drop would be the better option for you and your effort. Meanwhile, for those hoping to lose up to 25 pounds, the homeopathic variety will work quite nicely for you.

When reading hcg reviews of drops, keep in mind that a lot of people in your situation have come to this page and read these reviews, choosing a type of drop and hoping that will lead them to success. Those people’s stories can be found in customer review sections, which may also be more honest about the timeline to expect or other factors you may not find in professional reviews.

hcg reviews of drops

It is also a good idea to read more than one review about the type of hcg drops you are considering using. This way, you can see different perspectives and maybe learn something you need to know that one person didn’t think to add or another person never experienced. Then, you are more prepared to use this method for your weight loss.

All of us want the best results whenever we attempt to lose weight. Being prepared goes a long way toward helping you reach that goal in a timely manner with realistic weight loss goals as your milestones.

Losing Weight with HCG Drops

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, often referred to as HCG, is a hormone that is found in women who are pregnant. Some experts claim that if you take HCG drops while you are following a low-calorie diet, you will end up with a dramatic weight loss in a very short period of time (15 to 90 days). If you’re not sure, you can take a look at the drops of hcg reviews right here. If you do choose to use HCG drops to stimulate your weight loss, make sure that you do so only under the care of a physician.

Speak with your physician before getting started. You must understand that this is a very powerful substance and while some people may have had weight loss success, that doesn’t mean that it will be effective for you. In fact, according to your hormone levels, it can actually have a negative effect on you. The FDA still has not recognized the use of HCG drops in weight loss and the effects have not yet been fully proven.

drops of hcg reviews

There is a variety of HCG drops on the market- so you want to make sure that you read the label carefully. Basically, you’ll place the drops under your tongue for a period of 15 to 30 seconds before you swallow. This will allow the HCG time to absorb into your bloodstream. The drops should only be used once a day and most people find that first thing in the morning seems to work best. Depending upon the diet plan you choose, you’ll use these drops between 15 and 45 days. Keep in mind that the longer you use the drops, the more weight you are going to lose.

You’ll start by eating lots of high-sugar/high-fat foods. While this seems contradictory, the truth is that HCG depends upon stored fat. Once you have gotten started, you will need to be carefully planning your meals. You’re only allowed a specific amount of calories each day. When you’re starving, cooking will seem like a major chore- so make sure that you try to do prep work ahead of time if at all possible. In addition, make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water so that the fat is easily flushed out of your system.

Using Drops of HCG for Weight Loss

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, known as HCG for short, is a substance produced by the placenta that stimulates the gonads. According to a paper written in 1954 by Dr. Simeons, this substance can also be used to control hunger and to increase the metabolism of fat. On the HCG diet, an individual is required to take HCG drops (check out drops of hcg reviews here) or HCG injections and follow a strict diet. One expert nutritionist states that there are no clinical tests to prove that HCG is effective in weight loss- calorie restriction by itself could contribute to/result in weight loss.

However, if you are still interested in using HCG drops as part of your weight loss program, there are some things you must do:

First of all, you must visit your physician for an exam to ensure that you are healthy enough to begin a diet that restricts calorie intake. Notify your physician that you plan to include HCG drops in your weight loss plan. You are going to want to be tested for any hormonal abnormalities that could cause complications or contraindications with the HCG drops.

drops of hcg reviews

Once you are cleared to use them, make sure that you follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. Place the drops under your tongue and hold them for about 30 seconds in order to give the HCG a chance to absorb into your bloodstream. Then, swallow.

You will begin your diet by eating as much as you want/can for the first two days, while using the HCG drops. You will eat as much as possible so that you have a constant feeling of fullness. Make sure that you’re consuming foods that are high in sugars and fats.

Beginning on day 3, make sure that you are only consuming 500 calories per day. Keep in mind that the HCG diet program can range between 15 and 90 days. In addition, starting on day 3, you must make sure that all starches and sugars are removed from your diet as well. This will continue through the end of the program.

After the final day of the diet program you have chosen, you can discontinue using the HCG drops. Then, allow yourself to return to a diet of about 2,000 calories each day. Do not re-introduce starches or sugars for at least three more weeks. After that time, you can gradually bring them back into your diet.

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Understand How HCG reviews of drops Can Help You Find the Right Ones

Weight loss efforts require time and dedication on the part of the individual. The best way to find success is to determine the weight loss method that best fits your lifestyle.

One such option are hcg drops, which are a non-invasive and natural method of weightloss. They can be used without side effects and are affordable, which is a significant appeal for those who hope to lose weight.

When it comes to hcg reviews of drops, it becomes about finding the honest reviews that also address the aspects that can make a difference for a person searching for the ideal weight loss plan. There are different types of HCG drops, and this can mean a big difference to weight loss efforts by determining the best type for your personal and unique needs in terms of weight loss.

There are homeopathic HCG drops and prescription HCG drops. Determining which is best for you will depend on the amount of weight you have to lose and other factors, like how much you dislike needles. The homeopathic can be helpful to those who are not dealing with high numbers in terms of desired weight loss totals. Meanwhile, prescription HCG drops are best for those who are hoping to lose a lot of weight but who can not manage to deal with needles.

hcg reviews of drops

Certain hormones and processes are jump-started within the body when HCG drops are used. Therefore, it is a good idea to be prepared for the process and to be ready to watch fat deposits start burning away as the process goes on.

Reviews can help you figure out where to start and what type of drops to use. Then, you can really begin your weight loss journey with some hope of success. Choosing a method means you are one step closer to losing weight.

Choosing speakers for your car

Vehicles come with factory installed speakers and radios and while they get the job of putting music through to your car done, there isn’t a lot more that you can say about them most of the time. For those who live music and love it just as much, the addition of new speakers allows them to feel the music just the way they want it. But before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new speakers, take the time to learn more about what is out there and what is best. The best car speakers ensure that you get your money’s worth and more.

How is it possible to choose the best speakers for your car when there are so many brands and styles out there? It isn’t as difficult as what you might think thanks to the many resources available to you.

Check out online reviews. Once you have a brand and model in mind it is easy to go online and learn what people are saying about this particular model. As you browse it is likely that you’ll also be introduced to other models that you might like just as well as what you originally began looking for. Check it all out. Also bear in mind that there are sites that help you find the best. They give you the top four or five (and sometimes 10 or more) models in all price ranges. Using one of these sites is great for first-timers and for anyone that wants to save time.

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Ask friends and family to refer you to a great set of speakers. They might just have the information that you seek to find the speakers that will blow your mind. It never hurts to ask, anyway.

Finding the best car speakers is something that you want to do before buying a set and installing in your car. It is so easy, why not learn?

5 things you can do with Coffee Grinds

There is nothing as enjoyable as a fresh, piping hot cup of coffee. Many of us enjoy at least one cup in the morning each day, brewing it quickly in our kitchens using our coffeemaker. You probably brew your coffee and then throw the grounds away, not putting a second thought into it. But what if you were to learn that there are tons of ways that you could be using those grounds. Yes, the grounds are good for far more than simply making that cup of Joe you need. Take a look at 5 uses for coffee grinds that you probably never before thought of. Then, put your coffee grinds to use instead of in the trash cans!


  1. Refrigerator Deodorizer

The refrigerator is one area of the house that should always be clean and fresh. Rather than purchase baking soda or baking powder, toss in the coffee grinds and never again worry.

  1. Eliminate Grease

Stuck on grease can be a real pain to remove from your pots and pans and dishes and even products designed to remove it sometimes fail. Reach for a few coffee grinds, rub them on your greasy object and scrub. Watch the grease melt right away!

  1. Insect Protection

Placed inside of a small container around a flower bed, coffee grinds work to repel slugs and other insects that can damage your plants.

  1. Put out a Fire

Dampen the coffee grounds with a little bit of water and throw on top of a fire or coals that are still burning. In an instant your fire is out!

  1. Remove Fish Smells

Coffee grinds are great for washing your hands. The grounds work as an exfoliate and they also remove smells, such as those that you get from preparing fish.